Cleanweb Berlin is a monthly meetup
for web and sustainability professionals in Berlin
#03 Mon, Jun 02

Rain Making Loft

Cleanweb Berlin hosting Rockstart Accelerator

Hey Cleanwebbers,

On the day before Ecosummit, THE cleantech event in Europe, we’re showcasing some of Europes’s finest cleanweb startups. We’ll be hearing from Rockstart’s Smart Energy Accelerator in Amsterdam, as well as a few home grown Berlin startups, whilst sampling some of Berlins’ finest beers.

Tips for getting here

The venue can be pretty hard to find if this is your first time. This map should help you make your way to the meetup, if you’re not familar with the Rainmaking Loft.


  • 6:30 Doors open
  • 7:00pm Introduction
  • 7:10 First talks
  • 7:40 break for drinks and networking
  • 8:00 Final talks
  • 8:30 Wrap up, and head to the nearest drinking establishment

How the night works

This time round we’re trying out the interactiveRockstart Answers format for our talks, to make the most of the knowledge in the room:

  • each startup has 3 minutes to tell their story
  • they have 1 minute to field questions from the audience
  • you, the audience have a minute to reflect, and jot down your feedback for them.

Who’s speaking?


Consumers buy cheaper household equipment that ends up at the scrapheap faster and faster. Investment in more expensive quality machines that are cheaper during use are made less and less. Bundles lowers the hurdle of using quality appliances and supports the optimal use of them.


Smart metering meets gamification to teach kids how to save energy and help reduce the household’s energy bill in a fun way.


Dreamups brings the GitHub collaboration power to hardware engineers and designers, worldwide. They have developed a unique technology for hardware documentation and rapid crowd prototyping that changes how we can work and invent new exciting tech.


Simply put, we believe that the most important asset of a company is its employees as they are the ones that keep it up and running. If they are unhappy, unhealthy or uncommitted, the company loses competitive advantage. That’s why we created GiveO2, a web & mobile platform that helps HR/CSR managers improve their company’s work environment while reducing absenteeism’s cost, through sustainability, fitness & fun.


PowerTags has developed and proven a technology that is high-performance, low-cost, and easily wearable, providing a uniquely effective solution that overcomes the performance limitations and high cost of current solutions. The solution is a combination of hardware (a bracelet and sensors) and cloud-based software that together can send an immediate alert in the event of a fall, as well as identify longer-term mobility-related trends in order to recommend medical attention. This solution offers peace of mind to family members, and enables timely medical intervention when necessary.


QwikSense enables organisations to create healthy, productive and energy efficient work environments by generating actionable sensor data and analytics. Companies lose a huge amount of money on a yearly basis due to poor work environments. The quality of work environments directly affects employee health and productivity: the better the working environment, the lower the frequency of employee absence and the higher the productivity rate.


We are a crowdfunding platform for solar energy projects.
We open up our platform for site owners/ initiatives & project developers to successfully raise money from a community to build and manage commercial scale solar power plants.


Changers makes the world’s first solar charger with its own community, designed and built here in Germany. The solar charger has smart technology that enables you to track your renewable energy production and CO2 savings. We help you fight climate change, one gadget at a time. Get in touch with us @Changerscom


Pedl makes cycling even more rewarding to support riding habits and to build routines for everyday cycling. The smartphone app which is available both for iPhone and Android, automatically records your riding activities to reward every mile with beautiful products from our partners. Tracking everyday rides will also support improving local riding conditions as researchers and decision makers get anonymous aggregated data. More at @gopedl.