Cleanweb Berlin is a monthly meetup
for web and sustainability professionals in Berlin
#10 Mon, May 18

Baumhaus Berlin

Cleanweb Berlin hosting Rockstart Accelerator 2015

Hey Cleanwebbers,

On the day before Ecosummit, THE cleantech event in Europe, we’re showcasing some of Europes’s finest cleanweb startups. After last year’s success, we’ll be hearing this year’s batch of startups from Rockstart’s Smart Energy Accelerator in Amsterdam.


  • 6:30 Doors open
  • 7:00 Introduction
  • 7:15 First talks
  • 7:45 Break for drinks and networking
  • 8:00 Community announcements
  • 8:05 Final talks 
  • 8:30 Drinks and networking
  • 9:00 Wrap up, and head to the nearest drinking establishment

How the talks work

This time round we’re doing the interactive Rockstart Answers format for our talks, to make the most of the knowledge in the room:

  • each startup has 3 minutes to tell their story
  • they have 1 minute to field questions from the audience
  • you, the audience have a minute to reflect, and jot down your feedback for them.

Who’s speaking?

All nine startups from Rockstart’s current batch of smart energy startups will pitch at the event.

  • Swuto:

    Swuto is a next generation price comparison platform. Swuto automatically compares and switches your energy supplier so you are always on the cheapest energy tariff. 

  • Zenodys:

    Zenodys platform is the easiest way to build and automate the Internet of Things (IoT). Just connect, drag and drop and innovate new IoT products, services and prototypes. Our mission is to make the automation of the world around us ridiculously simple. And to push the limits of human innovation to the completely new level.

  • Finch Buildings:

    We create a world with buildings that make you healthy, where beautiful architecture is immensly sustainable and in which your real estate is as flexible as lego. We’re Finch Buildings and we develop and build modular buildings which can be adapted to surroundings and circumstances. The modular system enables us to construct different kinds of buildings all based on one particular module.

  • Bleeve:

    Bleeve is a social internet platform that connects people on the topic of saving and producing energy at home. We help home owners to stop paying money for energy they don’t need. Users get tips on how to use less energy, and they’re able to connect with others to undertake joint initiatives such as the purchasing of solar panels. We partner with (local) suppliers to close the loop.

  • Capacity Energy:

    Capacity Energy Storage is an energy service provider around flexibility management. Our focus lies on providing solutions for unbalance issues, frequency control and congestion management. Our company has a background in smart storage and has capabilities in both delivering services as well as hardware (batteries and flywheels). Additionally, CES is looking to develop storage and aggregation solutions for households to allow them to benefit from dynamic market prices for power, as well as optimization of own use of self generated power, if and when market conditions allow.


    VIRIDOM serves as the bridge between the electricity user and the power utility. More specifically, VIRIDOM puts electricity users in real-time control of their consumption, production and storage, while at the same time it facilitates true automated demand-side management and fuels customer engagement for the utility companies. In this way, VIRIDOM provides the basis over which utilities could rebuild trust with their consumers.

  • Masar:

    Masar is a smart energy company primarily focusing on the Middle East & North Africa. The company’s solar power installations rely on network-based participation of property owners (by means of long-term rental agreements) to use their otherwise unutilized land/rooftops for solar power generation. The company’s first target market is Egypt, where the company will sell its power to the Egyptian state. The property owners then receive a share of the revenue generated from installations on their properties. The company completed its first installations in Cairo during Q1 2015.

  • Wirewatt:

    Wirewatt is a B2B online marketplace that connects residential solar projects in emerging economies with the capital markets. Wirewatt makes solar distributors and installers sell more projects through software tools that help them design, quote and create automated technical and financial investor-­grade project proposals. Also, Wirewatt helps institutional investors set up funds, manage distributed solar assets and market it’s capital through its network of affiliated solar companies.

  • Entelligo:

    Entelligo is a mobile app to assist the sales professionals of renewable energy systems in the residential market. Starting from few questions to the customer, Entelligo provides a fast and easy way to generate an optimized commercial proposal, ready to be signed.

What should I expect from this meetup?

Expert talks, open discussions, inspiring people and drinks. 

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