Cleanweb Berlin is a monthly meetup
for web and sustainability professionals in Berlin
#12 Tue, Aug 25

Birgit and Bier

Cleanweb August Stammtisch: Meet, chat, drink, and have fun

Hi Cleanwebbers,

Boy is it hot out! It seems a shame to miss out on the gorgeous weather, so instead of cooping ourselves up indoors, we’re meeting at Birgit and Beer.

What should I expect from this meetup?

This is informal meetup for people interested in sustainability and using the web as a lever to effect environmental change - we’ll have a couple of tables reserved, for everyone to catch up, swap stories and maybe meet someone else to work with on future projects.

Do I have to be an expert in sustainability, or a programmer?

No! We’re a broad church, so if you’re interested, and thinking about dipping your toes in this field, you’re very welcome :)