Cleanweb Berlin is a monthly meetup
for web and sustainability professionals in Berlin
#14 Wed, May 25


Cleanweb - Machine Learning

Can machine learning help us tread more lightly on the planet?

This month, we’ll be asking a professor of machine learning is, what it is, why it’s important, and hearing from people building businesses around it, to create greener, smarter services.

Next, we’ll be opening up the event to audience participation, with a fishbowl session, to give you a chance to explore the subject, from different angles and have your burning questions answered.

Special thanks to the lovely, lovely people at the German Technology Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC), for providing the space, and helping make the event possible.

Running Order

  • Doors open at 19:00

  • An introduction to Machine Learning, and how it can help

    Marius Kloft, prof. of Machine Learning from the Humboldt University

  • Intelligent Energy Management with Predictive Analytics

    Rolf Behrsing CEO of ÜberEnergy

  • Fishbowl Panel - now it’s your turn!

    We’ll be finishing up the event with a fishbowl session. You have a chance to join our experts on panel, to share your experiences, questions, and thoughts on the topic.

  • Networking and drinks